BIM Funding

Brexit Processing Grant Scheme

Improvements to Refrigeration to reduce energy consumption.

Our aim of this project was to update all our existing refrigeration equipment with new and more energy efficient equipment. 

We have 4 large freezers and 5 large fridges. We were running all these units off single compressor units, our new equipment replaced all these compressors with 2 single packs, one for fridges and one for freezers. 

This new equipment is a 30% more energy efficient way of running the temperature controlled parts of our building.


Fresh Fish Descaler

One of the most time consuming parts of our job is descaling fish. For years we have done this by hand with 2 machines working 9-10 hours per day, 6 days per week. 

A Descaler removes the scales from fish making a fully finished product where the skin can also be consumed, scale free. 

The descaler we sourced works automatically by feeding fish in one end and the finished, descaled product comes out the other end. This machine can handle up to 20 fish per minute depending on the size and species. 

This machine will be more efficient in terms of water usage for the overall process and offer us a big saving on labour costs. 



For our projects we received €81,619 funding from the Brexit Adjustment Reserve Fund.