1. Wild White Fish

Important Notes on your Order

  1. Species & Sizes
    With wild fish we cannot always control what size fish lands in the nets, what goes into the net is what we get. This can impact the size of the fillets but we always aim to give the largest fish we can.  If a certain species is not big / good enough we will substitute for something of equal or greater value for you and let you know. 

  2. Fish Spec
    Where possible all our fish is pin boned, this is not always possible with whiting (when on the smaller side) and mackerel as bones can break.  There is always a chance a bone can get through so please be aware that all fish does contain bones but we do our best to remove all traces where possible. 

  3. Delivery
    We deliver across 6 counties using our own fleet of split compartment delivery vans with chill and freezer compartments so your delivery always reaches you at the temperature it should. To fit you into our delivery schedules we will follow up your order with a message of when to expect your delivery, we always aim for next day delivery.